Excerpt from ‘David and Goliath’

Once, in Birmingham, when Martin Luther King was giving a speech, a two-hundred-pound white man charged the stage and began pummelling King with his fists. As King’s aids rushed to defend him, McWhorter writes:

They were astounded to watch King become his assailant’s protector. He held him solicitously and, as the audience began singing Movement songs, told him that their cause was just, that violence was self-demeaning, that “we’re going to win.” Then, King introduced him to the crowd, as though he were a surprise guest. The man, a twenty-four-year-old native New Yorker, began to weep in King’s embrace.



Run to the River

Sometime you feel like life has got you down, can’t keep thoughts from spinning round
Your head is a mess
Contemplation of a darker side, cycles from another time are all that’s left

There is always something you can do
Taking one last look before I go
run to the river
Record player’s spinning a familiar tune

Circumstances coming at a price, counting on the other side to hold you down
Past conversations sneaking up on you, wonder what you didn’t do, your soul’s unsound

There is always something you can do
Taking one last look before I go
run to the river
Record player’s spinning a familiar tune

Will you scratch your eyes or strip the silence down to a hum that can barely be heard
By staying mindful you’ll draw a line through the past, the forest still teems with life

Taking one last look before I go,
run to the river
Record player’s spinning a familiar tune
run to the river

Beats in Key Music 2017

Deadly Deadly


Cold blood through the veins, click of the hand semi-automatically
He wanted this, he’s infamous, rounds fall to the floor
Wounds fresh and raw, the ultimate price paid for innocent flocks
Your laws protect the right arm and assault
Which camera crew will be the first one to arrive
First to capture every gory detail
Lambs to the slaughter never stood a chance

Reaction or reflection, it’s either die or live a lie
Common sense or ignorance not much time left to decide
Bow down to the masters, nothing left to do but get in line
The next generation of warriors are standing idly by

A weak leash on those with a will to strap
Shoot first and then the questions are never asked
On the other side of the world a man enters a school
His weapon of choice lacks a voice, all lives are spared that day
A cultural difference or is it something more
An unquenched thirst for these weapons of war
The media exploitation of the violence
They ‘tsk tsk’ then cue up ads, we’re shocked into silence

They use games to promote killing machines to the next generation of warriors

Words and Music by Luke Muldoon
All rights reserved – Beats in Key Music 2017

love is the cure?

I couldn’t breathe..

My ears were ringing and my head was pounding. Every thought I had led to more pain. I felt so uncomfortable and was suffering so acutely that I didn’t really want to live anymore. Every cell in my body seemed to ache and my brain was screaming at me ‘how could you do this to me?!’.

I had been working non-stop, mistakenly thinking that this was the only way to be worthy, to feel loved. Work provided a distraction to the fact that I had zero romantic interests and had lost touch with most of my friends and family. I had been feeling like I had to be everything to everyone, that I was letting them down somehow if I didn’t ‘save the day’. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t exercise, had no appetite. My mind was racing which led to body aches, shortness of breath, and nausea. Everything seemed so loud, so bright, so overwhelming. A short trip to the convenience store led me to shudder. Driving was a nightmare. My skin was crawling, day and night. As I laid awake for hours in bed that night, wracked with anxiety and pain, I even considered taking my own life for the first time.

I wanted desperately to escape, to get away from myself.

The only thing that finally, mercifully, got me off to sleep was the image of my family surrounding me, hugging me, giving me love. This image seemed to take the edge off just enough to loosen the ropes that had knotted my stomach. It was at this moment I realized, love is the antidote, the cure. The pain that was dominating my life didn’t have to control me anymore. There was a way out of the fear, a way to feel calm and whole again.

So what did I do?

I started to tell myself..

..You don’t have to be at the mercy of your thoughts. you are worthy, you are loved. Breathe deeply, be present. Show love and be open to receiving love. You don’t have to give reasons to do what you love to do. Work is not everything, it will not love you back. More time and less money will make you happier than more money and less time. People will love you, for you. Be a fan of yourself. Be kind to animals and children. Eat healthy, get exercise. Get out in nature. Enjoy music. Make more time for family. Exhale. The universe loves you and has a plan for you if you just surrender to it. Laugh more. Listen closely. Love fearlessly..

There is a way to feel good again.

-love is the cure-

Empty – written by Luke Muldoon

Feeling empty at the back of the bus as you drive away with my car
You said that it was all for me but this time it’s been taken too far.

You always said that it was all for me, the best for us I know
I think things had to change when I realized it was as far as it would go.

As far as it would go..

I brought you a few things a sweater, sugar pills, whatever you need
But what once was a vibrant thing was now laying there in the grave.

Now were sitting in a dusty motel, your lightning blinds
My only wish is that you come back sorry, why you running?

Get up, why don’t you get right up get out of here.

Stand up

I’m empty


Don’t fear the Reaper – or – two choices :O

It is entirely possible that we have two choices as a species.

Fear the other. What is not known or understood is to be feared. Those we don’t know personally are a threat, are competition.


Prove that amazing ability that humans have to care for, and build up, each other. The people we see around us in our cars, at the supermarket, on the subway are mirrors looking back at us. They are there to teach us more about ourselves.

Enough with the misery already. Enjoy each other’s company, stranger or not.

What will you choose?

Take a deep breath and remember..

..how awesome life can be when you let it. With the out breath you can say ‘ I love the Universe and everything in it’. Since you are a part of the Universe, you are sending love to yourself, as well as radiating love to all beings on this planet. It’s your birthright, after all. For bonus points, simply sit in stillness and smile <3