Songwriting/Production Team “Muldoon Who” release new single, save puppy from burning building

Muldoon_Who_Bone_Tired_artSinger songwriter Mike Muldoon and producer Luke Muldoon, affectionately known as “Muldoon Who” have released their latest single Bone Tired. Mike’s soulful vocals and frantic guitar-playing mix with Luke’s intergalactic ambience and striking rhythms to create what some are calling their best song yet. Once again they welcomed mastering help from SilverBirch Mastering. Potential number one song? We think so. Oh, and the puppy? Is doing well resting comfortably at home with his family.

-Download “Bone Tired’ here-

When you send a mix to be mastered…

you realize that it’s time to LET GO. You’ve spent the better part of 6 weeks with it intimately. It’ll never BE done. It just won’t. You could work on it forever. As it gets better it becomes more fun to work on. You get more attached. Once it’s sent to mastering, it’s gone forever. At least, it’s out of YOUR CONTROL, it ceases to be yours alone.

But as you LET GO, you also realize that by sharing yourself and your gifts, it actually allows you to BE CLOSER with other people and share stuff no one knew.

Oh, and keep the mix at -6 to -3 dB.

Always on the lookout…

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Change can be terrifying. It’s so much easier to cling on to long-held beliefs of who we are. It gives us something to hold onto, to feel safe. But when we hold off making changes, the Universe often comes along and kicks our butt, making the change for us. Then we realize it’s time to let go. When we look back we say, ‘this is great, what was I so afraid of?’

Thank you Universe.